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Well 2017 is here and so is our redesigned Website!

We want to thank Kevin Teng from Teng Media for bringing our vision to light. We are going to be trying new and different things with this site so hopefully I only break it a couple times this year!

I have always let my website fall under the radar due to my time behind the scenes and on the scenes for Derrick Peachey Films and Life is Peachey Studios.

I am excited to bring 8K wedding videography into your living room! Something that nowhere else in the world is offering. I am already hearing pitchforks on my front door for this insanity!

But I am striving to create the best possible wedding videos on the planet. Every year I have had goals and every year I have succeeded.

Will 2017 be the biggest year yet? Right now all signs point to yes!

The future is here.

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